Pacific Causal Inference Conference 2023

Sept 16-17 (GMT+8)

Beijing, China

Welcome to PCIC 2023

Causal inference has gained popularity in fields including statistics, biostatistics, biomedical science, computer science, economics, epidemiology, and various social sciences. Prof. Xiao-Hua Zhou, as the founding chair of the organizing committee, has been hosting the PCIC for the 5th time. The conference aims to share the latest development on causal inference by inviting university-based statisticians/professors and industry-based statisticians/scientists.

PCIC 2023 will run from 16 to 17 September in Beijing, China. PCIC 2023 welcomes both in-person attendance and virtual attendance. The venue for the in-person component is Lecture Hall, Courtyard 82, Jingchunyuan, Peking University. The virtual component of the conference will operate through the Zoom app.

PCIC 2023

News and Updates

07/19   Online Registration Started  

09/06   Schedule Released